about US

We are Laura and Mary — former birth photographers turned wedding videographers

Sound a little crazy? Yes, it's quite the switch! But new phases in life bring people to new beginnings. We had many successful, beautiful, and even award-winning years in the birth world, but it was actually a few years back when we really started enjoying learning and growing in our videography skills and thinking about venturing into weddings. There are so many amazing things to love about births - the peak of human emotions, the once-in-a-lifetime moments...but eventually these tired moms need a more regular schedule! Births really limited us in the creativity department when it came to cinema. We love the idea of produced, stylized shoots and creating something exactly how we imagine it in our heads just by offering a few suggestions and prompts to couples, and then turning our visions into movie-like stories. 

random facts that'll make us fast friends

ready for this?


in another lifetime, Laura would Be a dolphin trainer

no. 2

if Mary could go anywhere in the world, she'd head to new zealand

no. 3

the bachelorette, wine, and pizza
are Laura's guilty pleasure

no. 4

There's something about mary you'd never guess...she has gone cage diving with great white sharks!